3 Things to do NOW to prepare for the new OFCCP regulations

by Terri Swain

Effective 3/24/14 the OFCCP’s regulation will significantly change. Primarily, there will be targets for Veterans and Disabled and additional reporting, record keeping and notices. The regulations will require that you survey your employee population every 5 years (with interim reminders) for disability status and has released the form that should be used:

So what now?
1. Make sure your HRIS and ATS have the capability to collect Vets and Disability Status as soon as practical after 3/24/14 (and not before). If applicable, contact your vendors for their upgrades to their systems to satisfy these new requirements.
2. Decide how you will notify your employees and collect this data. If you feel that other data in your system – race codes, veteran status, etc may not be clean, it might be a good idea to resurvey for that information at the same time.
3. Start strategizing how you will make good faith efforts at reaching more Veterans and Individuals With Disabilities in your organization.

The regulations will require many more things to do…contact us for more information.

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