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January 2019 Newsletter

OFCCP is Open During Shutdown

During the government shut down, OFCCP is open (was funded prior to shut down) and EEOC is closed.  If you have an open EEOC charge, adhere to deadlines but don’t expect to talk to anyone at the agency.

OFCCP recently moved Acting Director Craig Leen to Director of the Agency.  He has been making many fast and furious changes. You can read all about them here:

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Joint Employment and Federal Contractors

Joint employment, and the issues it brings, has been around for a while. But with the NLRB decision last year in Browning Ferris II, the scope of what it means to be a joint employer has broadened. And while there is no regulation spelling out this new standard, the DOL and OFCCP are jumping on board.

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Key Changes to OFCCP Scheduling Letter

Audit requests in 2015 will look different and ask for more information, as the scheduling letter has changed. Learn about he key changes in our blog post, or reach out to our team for more information!

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10 things to do NOW to stay compliant with OFCCP regs

The OFCCP is chaging and agressively reviewing your employment practices. The Best Defense Is Always A Good Offense. Make sure you are on top of your Compliance Documents and read our top 10 things to do now in order to stay compliant with OFCCP regulations.

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2011 OFCCP review

WOW! 2012 was an interesting year on the OFCCP front. Take a look at our latest blog post to see what we experienced and what to expect in 2012.

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Addressing the 13%

The US Department of Labor states that the unemployment rate for the disabled is 13% – 1.5x the rate of those without disabilities. In order to address that high rate, the OFCCP is proposing a 7% disability hiring goal for Affirmative Action employers – strengthening the Rehabilitation Act.

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The best defense is a good offense

In football and human resources (still hurting from that Cowboys loss last night!), having an offensive strategy is imperative, particularly in the compliance area.  Many companies receive their affirmative action plans, give them a quick glance then stick them on a shelf just praying that this is a year they won’t be audited.

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The Times They are A Changing

The shift in policies of the Department of Labor under Hilda Solis’s leadership has finally trickled down into the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP). As a result, there will be less compliance reviews but those scheduled will be rigorous and more on-sites will be held. Click inside to learn more.

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