June 2019 Newsletter

by Terri Swain

EEO-1 Component Two Update

Your EEO-1 Survey Component One should have been completed by May 31. If you haven’t filed, violation notices are being sent very quickly. The EEOC seems to want to close out Component One, so it can bring up Component Two reporting.

The EE0-1 Survey Component Two is a collection of hours and pay data from 2017 and 2018. The deadline for this report is Sept 30, 2019. The EEOC anticipates opening the Component Two submission site by mid-July 2019. The URL for this portal when it opens is: Comp2 Submission Site

The EEOC will be notifying filers prior to the launch of the portal and providing FAQs and other materials to assist filers with the submission of Component 2 data.

The EEOC expects that a helpdesk will be fully operational starting by June 17, 2019. The contact information for the helpdesk is as follows:

Email: EEOCcompdata@norc.org

Toll Free: (877) 324-6214

Note that federal contractors with 50-99 employees are required to file the EEO-1 Survey Component One, but are not required to file the EEO-1 Survey Component Two

The EEOC has not yet revealed exactly what data will be required, and the requirements could change from earlier discussions.  Also, there is still appeals and litigation pending relative to this reporting.  We are advising all filers to wait for specifics from EEOC before working to gather any data and do not rush to submit. We feel confident that deadlines will be granted.  However, correct EEO-1 category assignment will be imperative; this will be the basis of salary comparison.  If we do your AAP, this is something we work with you on regularly.  

The HRConsultant is available to assist with EEO-1 Component Two submissions and EEO-1 review. Since we are uncertain about the time and complexity of this project, we will be billing on an hourly rate. Email for details: terri@thehrconsultant.com

OFCCP Compliance Checks

The first wave of compliance checks have been mailed out and we’ve assisted our first client with this request. 30 days are given for a response and the request is easy to gather and mail. You can allow them to come on-site, but who wants to invite the government over to play?

The request asks for:

  • Prior year AAP results - we recommend sending goal attainment analyses, vets hiring rate and also disability utilization

  • Examples of job advertisements with EEO tagline and verification you are listing with state employment services

  • Examples of accommodations for individuals with disabilities

  • OFCCP will also check the General Services Administration System for Award Management database to determine if a contractor has self‐certified that it has AAPs

EEOC Seminar 

Our founder, Terri Swain, will be speaking about high risk EEO violation areas (hiring, paying, promoting and firing) at the EEOC Technical Assistance Program in Dallas on August 7, 2019. See the link for registration and for information on this always informative workshop.

Seminar Signup and Info

National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) Conference

We will be attending the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) conference in Milwaukee at the end of July. During this conference we’ll hear from EEOC and OFCCP leadership, as well as top thought leaders. Learn more and sign up here: NILG Conference

This is a great conference for EEO/AA practitioners to attend. We’ll be posting updates as we hear them on facebook.

Be sure to follow us https://www.facebook.com/thehrconsultant/

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